Connecting People and Places

Valara, the green alternative to printed brochures.

Delivery of visitor information for tourist and travellers, using Apps, whilst protecting the environment

The eco-friendly way to explore attractions and access local information

Valara Technology has developed a way for you to engage your customers using mobile applications.

Our Hospital Apps provide up to date information about your hospital, its facilities, services, health and promotions and general information directly to a smartphone or device. 

Connecting hospitals with staff, patients and visitors, getting your message out, advising, informing, utilising green technology to embrace reductions in vehicle emissions, protecting the environment for future generations.

An app can provide a variety of content, reducing the need to print leaflets and brochures by directly linking documents for users to download.

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Our Explorer Apps are connecting people to entertainment venues, tourist attractions, hotels and local transport. Access free information on all aspects of life with GPS mapping to guide you.


Promote hotel information, engage with your guests, showcase local and regional visitor attractions in a modern green sustainable way, using digital screens and Apps.


Welcome screens that Inform and engage visitors to hospital. Promote the hospital App, reduce the need for printed information brochures.


Promote entertainment venues, visitor attractions, maps, special events and discount offers, using digital technology, working with greener tourism by reducing the need for printed brochures.

Key Features

Tell Your Story
Promote your visitor attraction, business, accommodation locally and regionally, through our Explorer App, with images, videos and all the information to engage your audience.

Green Technology
Removes the reliance on printing and distributing brochures, that benefits the environment by saving trees and reducing vehicle emissions.

App Integration
Our local app is your on the move digital signage. Visitors can take your information wherever they are with our apps. Videos, slideshows, updates and changes to schedules can all be incorporated to give you a "win, win" situation, working for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Stay Connected
Speedy changes to your promotions can be made within 24 hours of notifying us, so your audience has the most updated information, prices and offers. You no longer need to wait for a revised print run and distribution of your promotional literature.


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