Valara Technology brings its customers interactive digital signage and mobile applications for advertising events, tourist hotspots, local services and information. Valara Technology supports the green initiative to reduce carbon emissions and the need to cut down trees.

Company History

Our engineers, have been installing equipment and providing maintenance services within the Telecoms industry for over 30 years.  We have worked in a high proportion of acute hospitals and NHS trusts in the UK along with most major health centres installing and maintaining patient information points.

We have supplied and maintained service user payphones in secure psychiatric hospitals, both public and private sector since 1993, with the aim to provide more up to date technology and safety features, which Valara Technology have achieved, with VoIP technology and anti-ligature handset designs, phones that would improve service user experience and increase safety, reducing the risk of self-harm.

With our digital media we can provide screens to work within hospitals, hotels and tourism facilities to promote tourist attractions, restaurants, accommodation and other services along with relevant information for guests and visitors. 

Digital screens and mobile Apps reduce the need to print brochures and directories yet get your message across in a clean and environmentally friendly way, reducing the impact on the environment from vehicle emissions and paper recycling.  

In 2017 we partnered with a leading mobile app builder and now provide our clients with mobile applications that their customers can take with them wherever they go. 

Let us promote your information and services along with relevant local services and points of interest.