Create rich mobile app experiences using only the features you need.

For all mobile devices and connectivity situations, Valara Technology will create, publish and manage your application.  To get started you first need to decide what type of application you would like, what type of features you want and what information you want to give your visitors.

Launch an app for as little as £125/month, with no set up fee.

Web App

Create an app that works on all web-enabled smartphones and tablets.  Web apps are accessible via a unique URL and require WiFi or cellular connectivity. They are instantly available to visitors, so no downloads are necessary.

With web apps, visitors use their own devices to access your app.  Easily push updates to deliver the most current information available.

Native App

Does your site lack or have spotty internet access?  Are you looking for a presence in the iTunes® App Store or Google Play?  Would you like to have onsite devices available for checkout or add proximity beacons to your mobile strategy?  Then native apps are for you!

With Native Apps, visitors download your app to their own devices. You can make updates anytime. We handle the entire app store submission process for you and ensure your apps perform well as new software versions are introduced.