Valara Hospital App is ‘free at the point of delivery’ to both patients, staff, visitors and the NHS Trust. The Valara funding approach offers businesses the opportunity to sponsor their local NHS hospital in exchange for brand awareness, association with the hospital and media coverage.

The Valara Hospital App is a web App, so doesn’t require users who download and use the app to divulge their social media or personal information, therefore reducing the risk of confidential information being collected by search engines.

With many hospitals now providing guest wi-fi for patients and visitors, information can be delivered directly to a mobile device.  Whether it’s a welcome message, advice on ward closures, transport facilities, paying car parking, calling a taxi or downloading a hospital map.

Our Apps can translate into numerous languages, reducing the need for interpreting services.

Visitors and patients can access brochures and information through their mobile device, reducing the need for printed brochures, which often gather dust become discarded and go out of date. 

Just think, how much money and energy can be saved by having your information brochures available to download whenever.  Print changes can be made and there’s no brochures to recycle or new ones to print, saving money, time and the planet.