Shutting out the Bullies

That dreadful moment, when you become aware that a loved one is being bullied is unforgettable. The fact that it’s been going on for some considerable time just twists the knife a little deeper into the wound.

When the bully is a supposed best friend, who on the face of it is always nice and pleasant, you find it incomprehensible that they can be causing the distress and misery to your loved one.

Now you know why your family member is always checking their mobile or tablet for messages. Those sneaked looks whilst watching TV or out at a social event, that ping as a new message comes in and then the look on their face, the shoulder droop and the subtle change in their mood are dead giveaways that something isn’t OK, yet when you ask the question the excuse is that, “it’s nothing, I’m fine, just a SPAM text”.

Workplace bullying is another thing and although managers should be getting a grip on this, all too often, it’s the managers who are the problem. From personal experience in the Royal Air Force I saw officers and NCO’s who intimidated and bullied personnel and because of their rank it was impossible to do anything until either you or they were posted away.

I was bullied, had to bite my tongue quite a few times as I couldn’t take any action and going back to the dark ages in the 60’s and 70’s, bullying didn’t have the same impact both in the news and in society as it does today. I can’t remember anyone complaining about being bullied, we had to grin and bear it, although some of my friends did attempt to make voodoo dolls.

What is the answer today?

There are plenty of extremely good sites to get support from, along with Twitter and lots of organisations who will listen and give advice.

Bullying has become much easier with the development in mobile technology and the internet. Internet Trolling, and texting, vicious little snippets left on voice mails, these things can send anyone into the depths of despair.

From a very young age children have access to mobiles, supposedly to keep them safe while they are out, going to and from school, unfortunately many youngsters are being bullied at school or college, by the same devices that are meant to be a lifeline for their safety.

If this is the case, then we need to be in a position where we can restrict who calls the device, or is permitted to send a text message to the device, thus stop the unwarranted intrusion into their life.

I believe that we have a very good solution to this problem with our software and devices, in so much as to say we can restrict texts coming in and only allow calls to and from approved contacts. This stops the sneaky texts from supposed friends and mischievous and malicious calls from unknown individuals. It’s not 100%, however we believe that it will drastically reduce the messages and calls and make things more difficult for a bully to intimidate.

Currently our security software works on IOS and Android devices, or our own rugged Android tablets.

If you want to get in contact with us to discuss how our solution can benefit you then please email us today at:

Paul Jarvis

Managing Director

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