Benefits of Rugged Tablets in Retail


​Using a rugged tablet in retail can speed up your entire operation, making it more efficient and saving you time and money.

​Sales personnel don’t need to be stuck behind a till or when asked about stock have to go back and check, leaving the customer standing around waiting, instead with a rugged tablet they can check there and then and if the item isn’t in stock they can order it for the customer, providing them with an overall better experience, your sales team will have more chance to interact with customers which can increase retention and prevent them from leaving frustrated because they couldn’t get the item they wanted.

Rugged tablets are much tougher than your everyday consumer level tablets, making them more durable and cost effective. If they get dropped in the warehouse or on the sales floor the chances of any damage are reduced significantly meaning you won’t need to worry about replacing them or have staff walking around with cracked screens.

If you are a Retail POS supplier and are looking for some new hardware to partner with your software or if you work in retail and want to purchase some tablets to work with your existing POS then contact us today and we will provide you with a full quote.


​Valara help retailers modernise customer shopping experience.

When it comes to the retail industry, customer experience and satisfaction is of paramount importance. All retail chains and outlets vie for footfalls and site visits. A major part of the budget is spent on marketing and advertising and enhancing the in-store display to make the overall shopping experience a pleasure. With mobile devices becoming a key technology enabler, brick-and-mortar stores are incorporating it to enhance customer shopping experience and employee productivity.

We help companies gain from innovative use of mobile devices, as we reduce their effort to secure deployed devices from misuse. They are now able to focus without restrictions on their main business instead of worrying about safety and maintenance of their devices.

​Retail businesses are not afraid anymore to put customers in the driver’s seat. To enhance their shopping experience, they are now deploying tablets across stores that link their digital and physical experience. The devices are being used as interactive kiosks, product displays, NFC tag readers by Omni-channel retailers. These customer facing devices ensure a wonderful experience for customers. Our products help manage multiple devices throughout the value chain – warehouse, logistics, merchandising, in-store experience and business operations. Our Secure Browser provides lockdown of devices with access to only allowed webpages and NFC tags can be configured to launch those webpages. Device Management allows multiple devices at the store to be controlled remotely. Our Lockdown software restrains customers and staff from using unauthorised applications.

​NFC or Near Field Communication is capability of two devices to send data to each other when they are brought into close proximity. Nowadays, it is generally used in form of NFC tags which can be read by mobile devices such as Android based tablets and smartphones. NFC usage varies from launching specific websites or for other actions such as providing Wi-Fi configuration to visitors at a café. And, the availability of NFC encoding apps like Tagster have made them even more versatile and functional.

Web applications running in our Secure Browser can take advantage of NFC Tags . It can provide the lockdown of the device with access to only allowed webpages and NFC tags can be configured to launch those webpages. Each product then can have a NFC tag encoded with a web address pointing to a web page containing detailed information about the product. The customer now has to just bring the locked android device close to the product to view the product's detailed information within the browser.

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