Benefits of Tablets in Construction

As the construction industry are pushing towards more green technology, building materials and construction methods, tablets are able to cut down on paper and other unsustainable systems. Since your mobile device can serve as an all in one tool, tablet technology is able to cut out inefficiencies and unnecessary processes through the entire supply chain and project life-cycle.

Tablet technology has the power to pinpoint and reduce inefficiencies throughout all parts of the project cycle. Since contractors have the ability to access virtually any information about a project with the tap of a button, it’s easier for all members of the project to be up to date on improvements and timelines. The number of apps and software available for download on mobile devices also has the ability to transform a tablet into nearly any tool a contractor would need. Rather than spending money on a number of different services, a mobile device is able to wrap a countless number of tools into one easy to use and reliable source. Having project information organised and readily available also helps when it comes to managing multiple projects at the same time.


Our devices are built to work in the rugged environments of construction, you need to have equipment built to last and with our rugged tablets you’ll get that and much, much more. Our tablets are IP67 rated, meaning they are fully protected from dust and can be submerged in 1m of static water for up to 30 minutes, these tablets can also be dropped from 1.2m without damage, meaning they are tough and durable.

​Gone are the days of paper and pencil, which have been replaced by efficient, versatile and most importantly reliable tablets.

​With our line of rugged tablets you’ll be able to keep up to date with an inventory report of materials, see architectural plans on screen, manage schedules and assignments and have better overall workforce productivity.


​Valara Technology help workers in construction companies focus on their primary task

With mounting pressure to enhance productivity, decrease costs and ensure customer satisfaction, construction industry is embracing mobile technology in a big way. Mobile devices help with real time project monitoring, prevention of theft, efficient inventory management and quality control. We empower construction companies with device lockdown and device management solutions. Our solutions help construction companies in preventing device misuse, monitoring usage of devices and in remotely providing device support.

Numerous prospects for construction industry in implementing mobile technology. The benefits of arming construction workers with mobile devices are immense like better communication, real time reporting, increased productivity and improved workflow among others. However, deployment of mobile devices can trigger a number of unwanted issues like data security threats and unproductive hours.

​Our Mobile Device Management solution, provides features to monitor, update, maintain and track deployed devices across different locations. It is widely used for remotely managing and supporting devices in the field. It integrates seamlessly with our device lockdown solution hugely popular for its simple yet comprehensive features.

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