Logistics Industry using Valara Technology

Valara help logistics services streamline their supply chain with secure mobile devices. Logistics and supply chain industry is about moving materials from point of origin to finally the point of consumption with speed and accuracy. To remain competitive in today’s economy, it has become inevitable for establishments to incorporate mobile technology in their operations. As a result, supply chain companies are arming their field force with mobile devices for increased business productivity and better customer satisfaction.

​Mobile devices helps in managing the extremely complex and dynamic freight transportation business with the availability of latest freight management software. Mounted touch devices in trucks, help drivers communicate, access corporate information while on the move, accept jobs and optimise route planning that ultimately brings down fuel consumption costs. Touch devices on trucks are also used for shipment tracking to keep the back office informed about their exact location.

​Mobile technology empowering logistics industry with fast movement of goods

With field staff using mobile devices, communication between them and the central office has become seamless and smooth which has led to the availability of real-time updates. The uninterrupted communication helps the support team systematically analyse data, thereby directly helping business.

The field force though can access applications that are not business related, thereby losing focus and productivity. This may also cause unnecessary data usage cost. Our Lockdown and Device Management products provide these companies with device lockdown and management solutions to make sure that their field force does not use and download any of the unauthorised applications on the tablet.

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