Tablets in Healthcare

Valara Technology secures healthcare devices and protects patient information.

Medical staff across hospitals and healthcare centres are slowly getting rid of conventional means of monitoring patient records and are replacing them with mobile devices. These mobile devices help streamline communication whenever there is any issue or medical emergency.

In hospitals, personal health records of patients are maintained which has to be kept secure to meet regulatory requirements and uphold people’s trust on them. Ensuring effective use of mobile technology is therefore a huge concern for healthcare institutions, for example, hospitals have to ensure that medical staff do not download malware and other illegal content on the devices which can endanger patient’s digital records like electronic health record (EHR). Our products help implement checks and controls for compliance and regulatory requirements like HIPAA.

We manage and secure multiple devices in healthcare facilities.

The huge influx of mobile devices has created some severe drawbacks like patient privacy issues, tampering of device settings and electronic medical record (EMR). With our comprehensive device management and device lockdown solutions, it is very easy to secure and manage the devices.

With rapidly increasing use of technology, it is important to prevent any intentional or unintentional alterations of settings by users and misuse of devices by staff. With our Lockdown and Device Management products, hospitals are making sure that their staff are not misusing them or downloading any unauthorised applications. Our products help prevent misuse of data on the devices.

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