Valara Technology in Hospitality

Hospitality Industry adds to customer delight with help from Valara products.

The hospitality industry is always on the lookout for ways to enhance the customer experience. It can truly exploit the potential of tablets and smart devices, thanks to the number of touch points it has with customers. Smart mobile devices in hospitality industry provide the opportunity to go green, and increase efficiency.

​Hotels and resorts across the world are deploying company owned devices to deliver enhanced digital experience to their guests to make their stay comfortable and memorable. These devices kept at key locations like in lobbies and restaurants, keep the guests engaged and deliver information interactively. Valara products are widely used by hotels, resorts and restaurants to secure customer facing devices and prevent their misuse.

​Put guests at ease by providing multiple options on their fingertips.

As long as guests are in the hotel, they can make use of dedicated devices as digital kiosks for information and entertainment. This keeps visitors engaged and ensures that they come back again in future. However, with visitors having easy access to such mobile devices, securing them from all kinds of misuse and tampering of settings becomes necessary. Hotels also require a tool that can push updates on all devices without having to physically attend them. With our Lockdown and Device Management products, hotel owners are making sure that users are not misusing them or downloading any unauthorised applications. Device Management provides the ability to silently install updates on devices. Once the guests check out, the devices can be remotely cleaned for any private user data.

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